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Nanorep was born with the passion of empowering people to instantly take educated actions by making knowledge accessible to them at every touch point throughout their customer journey. Each journey starts with a question that requires an answer specifically relevant to that person. Nanorep is achieving this vision by transforming both the customer and organizational experience. On one end (consumer) providing the right answer at any digital touch point and at the other end (organization) by aligning the knowledge creation with the consumer priority at the granularity people consume it, and making that very easy and simple to do. While most companies focus on traditional channels of engagement (phone,email and chat), we invest our time and energy into actively transforming the self-service experience by creating a self-service assistance platform that provides, empowers and guides people to access relevant knowledge, make a decision and take an action at the time and place they wish.
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+972 9 957 8061

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Beit Lumir | 22 Masskit St. | Herzliya Pituach |Israel | Tel: +972 9 957 8061

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