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Compressing the Prospect-to-Customer Lifecycle

Published By: MarketEffect
Published:  Sep 21, 2010
Length:  9 pages

It's a simple fact. Qualified sales leads are the lifeblood of any sales organization. So why are so many leads ignored or underutilized? In this paper we will make the case for three possible changes in your thinking: . Sales and marketing organizations are better served by spending marginally less on lead generation and more on the process of lead management. . All sales leads are not created equal - identifying "sales-ready" leads is a critical step in the lead generation and management process. . Leads that are not sales-ready today can be nurtured and cultivated to be salesready in the future. There are two general stages in the prospect-to-customer lifecycle: lead generation and lead management. Most organizations spend significant time and money on the first stage, but don't devote enough to the lead follow-up process, which is often overshadowed by the perceived need to generate a higher volume of leads. As a result, the lack of information and feedback about the steps involved for quickly moving a lead to a closed deal, and the support materials required, leave many open questions as to what works in the process and where to find opportunities for improvement. A well-defined process for the qualification, fulfillment and management of each step in the lifecycle will shorten sales cycles, provide higher close ratios, and actively engage your sales and channel partners. It will also help build an information-rich marketing database and greater marketing ROI.

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