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The Security Stack

Published By: CSC
Published:  Oct 18, 2010
Length:  11 pages

CSC subject matter experts Carlos Solari, Victor Harrison and Dean Weber collaborated on a straightforward means both to visualize the intricacy of cybersecurity problems and to see through to comprehensive, effective solutions. The authors use the term "stack" strictly as analogous to other well accepted stacks (e.g., the OSI model) where layers deliver services and exchange information to achieve a higher level service. The notion of a "security stack" serves the proposition that security must be an integrated set of services. The paper defines each layer, offers examples of enabling technologies, related standards, and types of professional security services that implement the enabling technologies. It also notes where adequate enabling technologies or standards still need to be developed, or where policies need to be set and implemented to allow information to be exchanged between layers fast enough to keep up with the speed of emerging threats.

Tagscybersecurity, security, information technology