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Juan Diego Catholic High School Replaces Tape Archive with Disk Solution To Backup Its Mac Network

Published By: Revinetix, Inc.
Revinetix, Inc.
Published:  Nov 12, 2010
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With more than 455 networked Apple Mac computers, Juan Diego Catholic High School, a private institution located in Draper, Utah, houses all their school data, including administrative data, and other school information. Juan Diego is part of the Skaggs Catholic Center educational enterprises composed of the high school, a middle school, primary school, and daycare center and supporting facilities.

Charged with maintaining and storing the valuable data assets of Juan Diego, along with the data from the other enterprises, is an IT department of just two employees. They keep the network of computers up and running as well as managing and protecting the storage and archiving of the school’s critical data files.

To facilitate the backup and archiving of information, Juan Diego purchased an $8,000 tape backup system consisting of a virtual tape library on disk, 400-gigabyte LTO3 tape, and backup software from three separate vendors at the recommendation of a consultant. The result was that Juan Diego found itself in the undesirable position of owning a backup system that was extremely slow and oftentimes just didn’t work.

Following an evaluation, Juan Diego Catholic School purchased a Revinetix Sentio disk backup appliance, including data deduplication, with the capacity to store 1.5 terabytes of compressed data.  They also purchased three off-site archive drives with 1 terabyte of storage capacity each. When the school’s needs grow, it will be quick and easy to expand to a backup appliance with a larger size capacity for the main backup drives and the archive drives.

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