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Understanding ESI Technology and Workflows

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Published:  Jan 31, 2011
Length:  10 pages

Data is everywhere. Evidence is data. Combine these facts with our tradition of open discovery, traditionally managed by the parties themselves, and you find yourself in this "morass." The issue here is that another set of skills is needed to help manage the process of identifying the relevant data, preserving it, and getting it to the other side or into court. The fact is that E-discovery is now a multi-disciplinary endeavor. A successful project needs an attorney who is able to utilize help from others, one or more technical types, and input from other stakeholders, such as employees or people who worked on the project that is now at issue. Mostly what E-discovery requires is a professional approach to managing the project. So the principles we see here are not new to the world at large, they're just novel to the legal world.

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