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A comprehensive framework for securing virtualized data centers

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Published:  Mar 21, 2011
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As data center virtualization reaches an adoption inflection point, HP recognizes the growing need for security solutions that can address this new reality of expanding virtualization and the security challenges that it presents. According to a report by Garter Group (Gartner EXP, January 2010), the top two  priorities for the CIOs surveyed were: (1) virtualization and (2) cloud computing.

This highlights the trend toward the use of these technologies to do more with less in the data center. The examples of organizations being asked to deploy more applications, to handle
more users, and to do so on a smaller budget than they were given last year spans vertical industries.

Companies realize the benefits of moving to virtualization, however, most virtualized environments today are being deployed in an insecure manner. Download this HP White Paper to learn how to protect your high value virtual assets with a combination of purpose-built IPS platforms and enterprise-class management solutions.

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