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Empower Users To Be Self-Sufficent With Help Desk Authority - FREE TRIAL - Try it today!!

Published By: ScriptLogic
Published:  Mar 30, 2012

Help Desk Authority offers a complete help desk solution for small and medium size businesses that can help efficiently track, identify, and resolve issues as quickly as possible. Help Desk Authority provides best-of-breed ticket workflows, dashboards and reporting along with advanced capabilities such as network management integration, automation and self-service to enable IT to focus on more important issues. Whether you're looking to replace your homegrown help desk solution or for an alternative to expensive and complex enterprise help desk products, Help Desk Authority is the answer.

With Help Desk Authority, empower users to be self-sufficient and let the help desk team focus on more important issues.  

"I am now able to better prioritize my workload with Help Desktop Authority. I can quickly determine which issues are most critical and need immediate attention-this allows me to focus on other areas of my job that I most enjoy." - CJ Metz, IT Administrator

Adjust to your business
with customizable elements such as screen layouts, ticket workflows, and reports

Close issues faster with improved workflow, automation and self-service

Increase efficiency by maximizing productivity and minimizing user downtime

Proactively manage events with automated responses to network, server or application events to prevent incidents before they occur

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