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How CHROs Deliver Business Impact

Published By: Success Factors
Success Factors
Published:  May 31, 2012
Length:  9 pages

Everyone knows that talent can give your organization a competitive edge. But whose job is it? The CEO? HR? The answer is both. The responsibility for talent is not a chicken-or-egg question of who comes first. Instead, it's a carefully choreographed dance in which the C-suite and HR are partners in developing talent excellence and business success. This complimentary SuccessFactors white paper shows you: (65/65)

  • What the C-suite should know about talent
  • How HR can deliver it
  • Five key ways that CHROs have an impact on the business

No one can help accelerate a small or midsize business and propel it toward talent management maturity like SuccessFactors. With BizX Suite, the business execution solutions in the cloud, individual employees and entire organizations can achieve exceptional performance. Learn how with this informative white paper, compliments of SuccessFactors.

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