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Learn How to Make Rain (& Profits) from Growth in the Cloud

Published By: Verio
Published:  Jun 20, 2012
Length:  7 pages

Few innovations have captured the attention of the technology industry or the imagination of the broader business community faster than Cloud Computing. Despite its confusing nature, Cloud Computing has quickly evolved from a murky concept to the platform of choice for many businesses in the span of a couple of years.

THINKstrategies watched the forces which have shaped the evolution of Cloud Computing for the past decade and is convinced that this is not just another overhyped technology fad doomed to failure. Instead, early adopters of this new generation of webbased, 'on-demand' services have reaped rapid and measurable benefits from today's Cloud services.

As we will discuss, the key is partnering with a proven provider of Cloud solutions that has a well-structured reseller program coupled with the right support systems to ensure the success of the IT solution provider.  

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