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Worst Data Breaches of 2012

Published By: Idera
Published:  Jan 22, 2013
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While no 2012 breach quite measured up in terms of records lost to the Sony data thefts of 2011 – in which over 100 million customers of Sony Online Entertainment/ Play Station Network were impacted – the year just ended was once again a banner year for data breaches. Social networks, schools, health care systems, government agencies, financial services companies, utilities, retailers, the military – whether hackers were motivated by financial gain, political statements, or even cyber warfare, no industry, no network, and no data was untouchable.

While the security implications of data breaches are clear, and tremendous damage was done, we also know that most compromised records were not lost. Hackers don’t generally destroy data. For the most part, they copy and keep the data they’re interested in exploiting for future gain.

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