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Transforming ERP with Database Virtualization

Published By: Delphix
Published:  Feb 28, 2013
Length:  12 pages

If your ERP application isnít delivering on its promise of huge returns through process automation, you arenít alone. The reality is that ERP projects have become notorious for high failure rates, delays, and budget overruns.  Given the significant share of IT resources that ERP investments command, this reality has translated into overall IT inagility and inefficiency. 

Delphix uniquely addresses ballooning ERP project costs and inagility through patent-pending database virtualization software. Organizations like Staples, eBay, Procter & Gamble, Stryker, Comcast, Sanofi Aventis and many more are using Delphix to return their ERP investment to a path of competitive advantage through:

- Greater Agility and Elasticity: 4x ERP app dev workforce multiplier
- Reduced Infrastructure Costs: 10x reduction in ERP database storage costs
- Lower Data Risk: Lower ERP downtime risk

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