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How to Leave Voicemails that Prospects Return

beep! Directed Voicemail
Published:  Mar 12, 2013
Length:  24 pages

This eBook provides some common insights into a commonly overlooked aspect of calling campaigns - voicemail strategy. Since phone calls results in voicemail 90% of the time, it is surprising that many firms do not take a step back to think about positioning their voicemails in a way that will get their prospects to listen and respond. Download this ebook to learn insights from B2B sales experts on how to properly use voicemail to drive more response.

About the Author: Patrick Cahill is the Founder and Principal of beep! Directed Voicemail and has served as an expert resource for organizations like Citrix, Google, SalesForce.com, Hoovers, RainToday, and The Sales Lead Management Association. Patrick helps companies understand how to host compelling lead generation campaigns that attract motivated prospects, develop valuable content that builds trust and establishes credibility, and implement follow-up programs that uncover qualified opportunities.

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