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Improve Organizational Performance - Work.com Performance Management Demo Video

Published By: Salesforce.com
Published:  Apr 19, 2013

Work.com (formerly Rypple) is Salesforce.com's solution for driving organizational performance. The system is used by organizations that are looking for a better way to drive individual and team performance. Within the tool, users and managers can align people and team around broader organizational goals. Managers can coach team members and deliver feedback on how individuals are performing against their goals. The product also allows for easy creation of compliant performance summaries. Motivation across an organization is improved with meaningful public and private recognition features.

Work.com is a great fit for companies that need to motivate, align everyone on common goals, and track performance towards individual, team, and overall goals. Work.com integrates with Salesforce's suite of CRM, service, and social tools. 

With Work.com, managers can publicly acknowledge and reward their top performers, creating more driven team members focused on improving close rates. Managers can deliver real incentives via Amazon gift cards, enhancing team morale and showcasing top performers. With Work.com Mobile, managers can recognize big wins from the road, maintaining the highest levels of motivation and morale regardless of their physical location. 

At the end of each evaluation period, managers can quickly and easily assess the performance of each individual. With 360 feedback tools, you can also incorporate feedback from other team members and cross-department managers. Pull everything together in simple, clean performance evaluations. We would definitely recommend Work.com to companies looking to optimize employee performance.

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