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How To Stop Budget Leaks & See More Cash This Quarter

Published By: Asure Software
Asure Software
Published:  Nov 06, 2013
Length:  8 pages

In her recent book, “Payroll - A Guide to Running an Efficient Department,” nationally recognized payroll expert Vicki Lambert states that “cutting corners when preparing and processing time records does not always equate to saving time and money.” Instead, she recommends that payroll departments find “the proper balance between quick processing and accurate processing to achieve an efficient and effective method of handling time records.”

Unfortunately, many organizations today continue to struggle under the weight of old processes simply because “it has always been done this way.” This lack of foresight is not only crippling the ability of many departments to be effective, it is costing their companies daily in hard-earned dollars that could be better used elsewhere.

This paper will offer you clear insight into ways of determining how much money your organization is losing through inefficient payroll processes. More importantly, it will provide you with clear, simple directions for correcting the problem immediately with little risk to the organization’s cash flow.

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