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2014 Top Insights for Procurement & Operations Executives

Published By: CEB
Published:  Dec 03, 2014
Length:  43 pages

As CPOs and their staff seek to transition into more complex projects, the business often resists due to lack of awareness and skepticism of their capabilities. In fact, a CEB survey reveals that only 32% of business partners agree or strongly agree that they would consider unsolicited proposals from Procurement.

To increase influence, leading CPOs are shifting their focus not only to developing influence skills but also to making it easier for staff to apply those skills. Procurement organizations in which staff can influence business partners realize 4.4x greater savings and execute a higher proportion of noncore procurement projects than the average function does.

Learn the five critical areas of change that have significant implications for organizations around the globe, and how CEB is supporting procurement and operations executives and their teams to address these challenges.

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