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The Currency of Content: The New Formula for Enabling Content in a Mobile World

Published By: bigtincan
Published:  Dec 12, 2014
Length:  13 pages

After months of chasing a high-value, big-name prospect, one of your top-performing sales reps has finally scheduled the all-important first sales meeting with a Fortune 500 prospect. Now, the frenzied preparations begin in earnest: preparing a custom presentation, locating approved price schedules, responding to an RFP, gathering the right set of sales collateral – even getting some background on the people he’ll meet and current news on the prospect company.

Unfortunately, too often, those preparations can be a productivity-killing proposition, especially for sales or field-service professionals who’re on the road four or five days a week, armed primarily with a smartphone or tablet. Of course, all of that information is out there. Is it ever! The problem is how to feasibly find the right information at the right time. Is that the right, updated PowerPoint presentation from the marketing team? Do we have a non-disclosure agreement in place? Where is the latest pricing schedule? Where is the demonstration video? Did the approved RFP verbiage change last week?

The fact is, our road-warrior sales rep has access to more content than was even imaginable 10 years ago. But there are a host of complexities that can turn that blessing into a curse. Today, content is the new corporate currency. It’s how we capture and exchange value across the enterprise. And the value of that currency is directly correlated with the content’s relevance. The following white paper explores the various facets of the content challenge and outlines a new formula for maximizing content value.

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