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Attribution Modeling for the Data-Driven Marketer

Published By: AdRoll
Published:  Jan 21, 2015
Length:  16 pages

To help data-driven marketers find better multi-touch strategies for understanding the full customer journey, allocating marketing budgets, and optimizing campaigns, we ran an in-depth survey of professional marketers in the US. Our findings should provide guidance on how to measure your campaign performance in the long and short term:

Report highlights:
  • Despite the importance of tracking performance across channels, only 54% of marketers have an attribution system in place.

  • Most marketers attribute 1025% of view-through conversions (VTC) within a 30-day window.

  • Over 63% of marketers surveyed said they track audiences by device type, yet 38.9% stated that mobile is still one of the greatest challenges related to digital attribution.

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