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Absence Management: Building a Strategy to Minimise Cost and Risk

Published By: Workforce Software
Workforce Software
Published:  May 26, 2015

Featured Presenters:
Jason Chester, CEO and Director of Research, Infogencer
Marc Moschetto, V.P. Global Marketing, WorkForce Software

Employee absence, in particular unplanned absence, is a critical and costly challenge for almost every industry. The cost of absence to UK businesses is well reported and takes several forms Ė lost productivity, administrative overhead, and wage overages due to unplanned overtime, call-in staff, or other means of filling gaps in your schedule. As a result, it is natural for organisations to strive to reduce absence rates. In our experience however, that approach alone yields only marginal improvements at best. Instead, by implementing a cohesive solution to manage the entire absence lifecycle, including managing the impact of absence on operational activities, is emerging as one of the most successful approaches to tackling this critical challenge.

In this informative webinar Jason Chester, the CEO and Director of Research for Infogencer, will outline his organisationís findings on the business challenges surrounding absence management and share insights on addressing these challenges from both a technical and a business perspective.

What you will learn:

  • Why organisations should view absence from a different perspective.
  • How absence impacts operational effectiveness and long-term strategy.
  • How organisations can build a framework for absence management that incorporate all aspects of the absence management lifecycle.
  • The role of capable technology solutions in supporting that framework.
  • Practical illustrations of those solutions using real-world examples.

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