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4 Easy-to-Digest ITIL videos

Published By: Cherwell Software
Cherwell Software
Published:  Jul 14, 2015

We've heard (and experienced first-hand) that the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has a lot of detail to sort through when researching IT best practice frameworks.  Thatís why we went to ITIL expert Malcolm Fry, and with his guidance, produced a series of 5-minute videos to help you gain a better understanding of ITIL. 

Watch one or all of the ITIL videos, where you will learn:

  • Key ITILv3 definitions
  • Important factors to consider when first assessing ITIL
  • First steps required to successfully adopt one or more ITIL best practices.

Topics covered include ITIL Knowledge Management, a critical ITIL process, ITIL Service Level Management & ITIL Asset and Configuration Management, both of which form central parts of the core ITIL framework, as well as one of the most important tools in the ITIL toolbox; ITIL Incident Management.