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6 Steps to a Mobile-Friendly Website That Drives Conversions

Published By: Crownpeak
Published:  Jul 29, 2015
Length:  23 pages

It shouldn't be surprising that nearly 2/3 of US adults own a smartphone and more searches are now taking place on mobile devices than on desktop computers (source: Google Internal Data). Rather than questioning the importance of mobile, we should now be asking what steps need to be taken and what things should be considered when taking on a mobile website strategy.

This guide is intended to help you navigate the path to a mobile-friendly website that positions your company to succeed now and in the future. As we go into detail on the exponential growth of mobile and it's disruptive impact on businesses that have not yet adapted, we will discuss the 6 steps you need to take to prepare for this change in mobile adoption.

Topics Include:

  • The difference between a mobile responsive and a responsive design website
  • Why website load time is important and how to fix it
  • Tips for designing your mobile site
  • How to refine your conversion approach to align with mobile behavior

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