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What Financial Executives Value in a Business Partner

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Published:  Sep 10, 2015
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Want to appeal to financial executives? Dial up the logic. Financial executives differ from almost every other line of business (LOB) executive when it comes to decision-making, according to a new study conducted by the FORTUNE Knowledge Group in collaboration with gyro. While executives in most other industries are moving toward a more innate approach to decision-making, this group relies primarily on logic to guide their decisions. Understanding the differences between what financial executives look for in partnering with companies and what their peers value is key to developing messaging that appeals to this unique segment.

This article explores how to connect with this unique group by dialing up the logic without losing the human element. In this article, find out how to bridge the gap.

Discover what financial executives value in a potential business partner.
See how these professionals differ from other decision-makers.
Learn three tips to balancing logic and emotion in your messaging.

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