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Network Automation and Orchestration: Simplicity and Agility for the Cloud Datacenter

Published By: Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks
Published:  Oct 20, 2015
Length:  8 pages

Effective data centers are central to the success of any enterprise, and the flexibility and agility of data center operations is essential to successful mission and business outcomes. As technology has evolved, so too have data center capabilities, including the introduction of virtualization strategies that have enabled some level of agility and flexibility. However, network operations still tend to rely on many manual processes that require the expertise of highly-trained professionals and may be subject to vulnerabilities introduced by human error. These operational realities can lead to higher data center management costs and, in some cases, loss of business or missed opportunities due to lack of agility or data center downtime.

Juniper Networks offers switching solutions that are designed to address and neutralize these data center management issues by enabling more agile networking infrastructure. A fundamental principle of Juniper’s approach is that a simplified network architecture will lead to more simplified operations. Consequently, Juniper Networks’ operations strategy is based on automating provisioning, streamlining day-to-day management, and orchestration of networking platforms that combine to enable faster response to dynamic business environments. In addition, Juniper’s switching platforms and management tools provide open interfaces to integrate seamlessly with third-party automation and orchestration tools, so that network operations are integral to the data center workflow.

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