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Stay in Control: The Benefits of In-House Payroll Software

Published By: Sage
Published:  Nov 23, 2015
Length:  10 pages

With employee payroll, thereís no room for error. Paychecks and direct deposits need to be processed on time and accurately, every payday. Payroll is one of your organizationís largest expenses, and payroll mistakes definitely leave a bad impression with your employees. Payroll accuracy impacts your organizationís compliance with local, state, and federal wage and hour regulations, taxation, and employee benefits. Inadequate recordkeeping can expose your company to employee litigation or tax fines and penalties.

In this white paper, weíll illustrate the benefits of integrated, in-house payroll software. Youíll find comparisons of how in-house payroll software stacks up against outsourcing in terms of:

  • Control over data security and accuracy.
  • Compliance with tax regulations and other laws.
  • Control over the scheduling of your payroll.
  • Access to your organizationís payroll data.
  • Cost and personnel requirements.

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