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Business Transformation Doesn't Need to be a Long Drawn-Out Process

Published By: K2
Published:  Jan 07, 2016
Length:  11 pages

When driving any major change within an organization, strategy and execution are intrinsic to a project’s success. Nevertheless, closing the gap between strategy and execution remains a challenge for many organizations, as explored in a recent Process Excellence Network report: “Shift Business Excellence Into High Gear: Drive Strategic Performance Through Process Excellence.” Companies tend to focus more on execution than strategy for quick results, instead of taking the time needed to understand the parts that make up the whole, so the right execution plan can be put in place to deliver the best outcomes.

A large part of closing this gap is understanding that business operations don’t fit neatly within the traditional organizational hierarchy. Business processes are often messy, collaborative efforts that span people, departments and systems, making them difficult to manage within a hierarchical structure. Business process management (BPM) helps by redefining an organization according to its end-to end processes, so opportunities for improvement can be identified and processes streamlined for growth, revenue and transformation.

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