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Architecting the Composable Enterprise

Published By: MuleSoft
Published:  Jan 25, 2016
Length:  5 pages

IT used to be so simple. Companies owned their own technology equipment and purchased enterprise licenses for many of the applications anybody in the organization might care to use. But then the cloud emerged, and mobile, and social media, and IoT; the world of IT has never been the same. Today's businesses are software-driven enterprises with technology capability distributed throughout the company, utilizing countless third-party cloud-based applications. This new organization requires an cultural shift in the IT organization.

Read this whitepaper to learn: 

-How businesses can reorganize themselves into lightweight, agile, modular businesses able to respond to innovations in SaaS, mobile, and analytics 

-How to build a technological architecture that can accommodate new technology yet still extract value from on-premises systems 

-The advantages of an API-led connected architecture vs. old SOA approaches 

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