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Transforming Organizational Culture with Platform-As-A-Service

Published By: Red Hat
Red Hat
Published:  Jun 23, 2016
Length:  7 pages

The traditional technical and cultural challenges that large, hierarchical IT organizations face become more visible during times of IT transformation, such as the adoption of cloud technologies, DevOps practices, and agile methodologies. Persistent organizational culture is organic, and it can be extremely difficult for IT leaders to dictate it effectively from the top down. IT leaders can, however, use technology to encourage proper incentive structures in all levels of the organization. This paper explores the role of OpenShift by Red Hat in creating an atmosphere where creative and passionate developers can succeed frequently and quickly. Their success means decisionmakers can impact organizational culture and more rapidly achieve their goals. In this way, IT leaders can harness the efficiency and persistence of spontaneous organization, despite the inherent limitations of hierarchical systems.

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