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Why Transaction Data is Mission Critical to Success

Published By: IBM
Published:  Oct 13, 2016
Length:  13 pages

For many companies, one of the top priorities in the use of big data is to deepen customer insight to improve customer experience. In addition, there is also a drive to improve operational effectiveness through better operational decision making. In order to maximize the value of insights produced in big data analytical environments, these analytical systems need to be integrated back into core operational transaction processing systems so that prescriptive insights are available to all that need them to continuously optimize operations and maximize operational effectiveness.

Read the white paper and see:

  • Traditional transactions vs Big Data (non) transactions
  • The impact of devices, sensors and the internet
  • Richer transaction data for competitive advantage

Smart on-line transaction processing systems will be able to leverage transactions and big data analytics on-demand, on an event-driven basis and in real-time for competitive advantage.

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