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Microlearning helps employees re-learn concepts fast

Published By: Skillsoft
Published:  Dec 06, 2016
Length:  13 pages

Success nowadays demands providing all members of the workforce with the resources they need in order to effectively respond to and support customers’ needs and expectations. More specifically, organizations must provide employees with digestible knowledge at the point of need and as quickly as possible, so they can re-learn how to resolve specific challenges, also known as microlearning.  Aberdeen defines microlearning as a method of learning that delivers content to employees in short, very specific bursts. Microlearning activities are usually completed in less than 4 minutes, making them digestible and manageable.

According to Aberdeen’s recent research, Best-in-Class companies are 60% more likely than all others to consider microlearning to be effective for employee development. Microlearning is best used by employees when they have a challenge that needs an immediate resolution, or when they are facing an issue and they really can’t remember how to proceed. This report explores the importance of microlearning, and what it can do for your business, your employees, and your customers.

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