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Backing Into Your Lead Goals: How many leads do you need?

Published By: LeadGenius
Published:  Dec 22, 2016

Without the right number of qualified leads, your marketing and sales teams won’t hit their revenue targets.

Too few qualified leads will obviously lead to less revenue. However, overshooting lead targets can also cause major problems. Depending on your process, overshooting lead targets can mean that every lead gets less attention. Conversely, properly working only a portion of the leads means that some leads will not get the attention they need in a timely manner. Marketing dollars spent on those leads are a waste. Either way, the results are lower conversion rates and a longer sales cycle.

In this whiteboard video, we cover:

  • Working backwards from closed deals to leads
  • Calculating realistic and practical projections
  • The data you need to make reliable pipeline projections
  • Setting data-backed goals
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