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Sideways is the New Up:

Published By: Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone OnDemand
Published:  Feb 07, 2017
Length:  13 pages

Using Talent Mobility to Bring Out the Best in Employees and Your Organization

The employment landscape was relatively static for years. Sure, there were changes, but employers and employees could count on the traditional hire-to-retire career path. And while that path hasnít always taken place at one company, the idea was still the same: get a job, improve your skills, move into a higher position, repeat until you retire. Employers thought employees valued vertical moves, and ever-vertical salaries that moved one wayóup. Employees either didnít know any better, didnít think about it, or didnít think there were options. The few employees who were dissatisfied with the status quo braved the entrepreneur path, with uncertain success but potentially brighter futures.