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Protecting Corporate Information in the Cloud

Published By: Symantec
Published:  Jul 11, 2017
Length:  10 pages

The technology pendulum is always swinging. And chief information security officers must be prepared to swing with it—or get clocked.
A look at recent history illustrates the oscillating nature of technology. In the 1980s, IBM mainframes dominated the landscape. In the ’90s,
client-server computing came on the scene and data was distributed on personal computers. When the Web assumed predominance, the
pendulum started to swing back to a centralized server. Then, just as quickly, mobile took the lead, with apps downloaded to workers’
devices—the new client server. Now, as mobile devices continue to populate the enterprise at a rapid rate, the IT model is changing again—to the provisioning of information on a just-what’s-needed, just-in-time basis from centralized servers consolidated in the cloud. The pendulum continues to swing and IT workloads are moving to the cloud en masse.

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