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TDWI Report/Checklist “Delivering Business Value Faster with Visual Analytics” (2016)

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Published:  Oct 06, 2017

Business decision making is undergoing a data-infused renaissance. Organizations are tired of the limitations of spreadsheets and dealing with long IT business intelligence (BI) development cycles just to gain access to the data they need now. Fortunately, with the advent of visual analytics and discovery tools (many offered in the cloud), the journey to data insight is getting simpler and faster. Rather than trying to divine meaning from a group of predefined reports or simple static dashboards, visual analytics helps users gain insights from data more quickly using intuitive data visualization. Increasingly, visual analytics tools provide easy-to use data preparation features for better data access. They support collaboration, mashups, and storytelling.

TDWI Research sees growing interest in applying more modern, up-to-date tools for working with data. In our recent report on data visualization and discovery, 33 percent of survey respondents said that they are implementing data visualization for discovery and analysis now and 45 percent are planning to implement it. Business users are driving this momentum; they want tools that enable them to be more productive, agile, and effective in working with data and applying data-driven insights to their daily decisions.