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Microservices Sprawl: How Not to Be Overun

Published By: AppDynamics
Published:  Nov 02, 2017
Length:  11 pages

While the pace of DevOps adoption varies by organization, there is no doubt that agile development methodologies have been embraced widely at some level. The most advanced IT organizations have embraced continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) to achieve a substantial competitive advantage over rivals. Rather than approaching application development and IT operations as orthogonal processes, modern IT organizations employ CI/CD tools to meld application development, testing, refreshes and quality assurance into an integrated framework
Most of those modern IT organizations also have simultaneously discovered the power of containers such as Docker. A Docker container consists of a complete file system that contains everything, including the code, runtime, system tools and system libraries, which an application needs to run. That capability not only makes it easier to package application code to make it more portable, but it also enables IT organizations to adopt a microservices approach to IT that makes applications more robust and flexible.