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Mobile Testing: Guide for Modern Marketers

Published By: Oracle OMC
Oracle OMC
Published:  Nov 30, 2017
Length:  22 pages

Thereís really no mystery about mobile testing. Itís the art and science of building, running, and analyzing optimization tests for mobile customer experiences. But for companies looking to mobilize their websites and apps, the mystery often lies in how to do mobile testing really well. This guide assembles the best advice
from analysts, engineers, and thought leaders to help mobile-minded businesses master the non-desktop landscape.
Youíll learn how to optimize customer mobile experiences from strategy to execution. Along the way, youíll get answers to common questions about mobile testing, find out about optimization testing in general, learn key differences between customer experience optimization (CXO) on mobile and
desktop, and see how you can use design expertise to create bold and effective mobile experiences. So start reading and boost your understanding of mobile testing and optimization.