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How to Maximize your ROI in SharePoint

Published By: Longi Engineering
Longi Engineering
Published:  Feb 15, 2018
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SharePoint is a technology that most organizations have access to these days, yet it is one that is open not utilized fully. This is in part due to organizations not being fully aware of the breadth of SharePointís capabilities. Most SharePoint power users/administrators are aware they can leverage SharePoint as a document repository and to share data seamlessly with a group of colleagues, however, they often are not aware of how to leverage some of SharePointís key foundational components effectively. As someone who implements SharePoint, one of the biggest complaints we hear from organizations is users arenít using it, adoption is low. Without user adoption no technology implementation project can be successful. It is difficult to pinpoint one reason that causes adoption to be low, however, taking steps to effectively build your SharePoint site with a solid foundation along with an end goal of high user adoption is a great way to start.

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