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Electronic Components: The Critical Connections That Enable The Smart Home

Published By: TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity
Published:  Feb 23, 2018
Length:  4 pages

In our increasingly connected world, quality, reliability and consistency matter a great deal, particularly in the context of the smart home ecosystem. The antennas, connectors, relays, sensors, switches, terminals and tubing inside these devices play critical roles in the productís ultimate functionality. If you donít focus on the right components or choose the wrong or incompatible ones, then device reliability becomes an issue. With a faltering or failing device, the user loses trust in your products and may slow their adoption of more smart devices in general. The challenge is to know which components are crucial to your design and how to best minimize any failures.

Whether itís a washing machine, thermostat, home security system, coffee maker or other home appliance, users expect seamless operation from the connected and smart devices in their homes. If devices donít function as advertised, users will slow adoption of new smart home devices. Because the smart connected home is just now beginning to expand from the early adopter phase to a larger share of the market, inconsistent performance or a poor experience in one device category can have negative repercussions for the adoption of these devices

Continued growth of the connected home market hinges on consumer buy-in and trust. Gaining trust starts with providing reliable products with components that enable the device and the technology to perform as the user expects.