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The Surprising Power of Online Experiments

Published By: Optimizely
Published:  Apr 06, 2018
Length:  4 pages

Getting the most out of A/B and other controlled tests.

In the fast-moving digital world, even experts have a hard time assessing new ideas. Case in point: At Bing a small headline change an employee proposed was deemed a low priority and shelved until one engineer decided to do a quick online controlled experiment—an A/B test—to try it out. The test showed that the change increased revenue by an astonishing 12%.

That experience illustrates why it’s critical to adopt an “experiment with everything” approach, say Ron Kohavi, the head of the Analysis & Experimentation team at Microsoft, and Stefan Thomke, an HBS professor.

In this article they describe: How to properly design and execute A/B and other controlled tests

? Ensure test integrity
? How to interpret results and avoid pitfalls