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Sharpening Your Business Edge: Optimizing the Branch Office Experience

Published By: Comcast Business
Comcast Business
Published:  May 07, 2018
Length:  6 pages

Companies today are as distributed as their customer base, with branch offices and satellite locations scattered well beyond traditional boundaries. For many, these distributed sites are the face of the company to the customer, with most if not all customer interactions occurring in these locations and not in the corporate headquarters.

Banks and finance centers, retail stores and even urgent care centers all fit within the category of the branch office, with each location connected to the corporate headquarters and, increasingly each other. Together, they make up the distributed enterprise. However, each location is its own entity and must be able to operate independently of headquarters to ensure business can continue even if one or other locations experience technical issues. 

Distributed locations, therefore, must be equipped to handle all manner of customer interactions – and evolving customer expectations—and do so in a way that anticipates what the customers want next. From personalization to creating a bond with its brand, today’s businesses are thinking beyond how they serve customers today and imagining how they’d like to create
new experiences that evolve business models in the process.