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Account Based Sales 101

Published By: Groove
Published:  May 16, 2018
Length:  28 pages

Account based sales (ABS) has generated a lot of buzz lately, but its more than just a passing trend. In fact, many enterprise sales teams have been doing account based sales for quite a while. Whether this is the first time you have encountered the idea of ABS or you have heard about it before, this e-book will equip you with the basics so you can decide whether ABS is right for your company, outline your own ABS strategy, and optimize for the best
results possible.

Well cover:

  • An explanation of account based sales
  • Key benefits of adopting an ABS strategy
  • How to get started and implement a successful ABS strategy
  • Best practices and KPIs to optimize and measure your strategy
  • Additional resources to help you plan and execute your strategy