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The Key to Protecting Your Business Amid Cybercrime’s Current Boom

Published By: CA Technologies
CA Technologies
Published:  Jun 01, 2018
Length:  10 pages

Thanks to numerous, headline-making incidents in recent years,
cybercrime has risen toward the top of the concern list for many
organizations—and the customers with whom they do business.
You’ve heard many of the stories. Major health insurers, such as
Anthem, Premera BlueCross and CareFirst had personal information for millions of their customers stolen. Sony Pictures experienced a breach that not only embarrassed employees and adversely impacted the release of the high-profile film, “The Interview,” but also damaged systems and applications—making it extremely difficult for the company to conduct business. The list goes on.

Some you maybe haven’t heard, like the one about CodeSpaces, a
provider of version management services to developers. When
attackers were able to gain access to its cloud-based management
consoles, they deleted the company’s entire infrastructure and
backups—ultimately forcing CodeSpaces out of business.
The bad news for organizations like yours is, thanks to the
demands of the application economy and the transition to hybrid
infrastructures, protecting against these threats has only gotten
more challenging.