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Top Performers Know Itís Time to Migrate to Cloud ERP

Published By: Epicor
Published:  Aug 15, 2018
Length:  18 pages

More than ever, businesses are considering a cloud solution for their enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployment over an on-premises system. Cloud technology appeals to these companies because updates and fixes occur automatically with little or no effort from internal IT staff, and because cloud-based solutions provide access to real-time data from anywhere. Employees want tools that make it easier for them to complete everyday tasks and make informed decisions that help the business grow.

Aberdeenís research report, ďTop Performers Know Itís Time to Migrate to Cloud ERP: Hereís Why and How,Ē uncovers the reasons successful companies are choosing cloud over on-premises ERP models. Their findings show that organizations with cloud ERP are:

  • Twice as likely to have real-time visibility into all processes and data
  • Forty-eight percent more likely to be able to quickly tailor their solution to changing business needs
  • Sixty-nine percent more likely to have online training and support for ERP

Download this report from Aberdeen Group and discover the compelling reasons more companies are choosing the cloud for their ERP platform.

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