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Try Markforged Eiger 3D Printing Software Today

Published By: Markforged
Published:  Sep 14, 2018

3D printing with composite fiber is as much about the software as it is about the unique technology of the printers. Try Markforged's cloud-based 3D printing software today and see how you can turn your 3D CAD designs into high-strength, composite 3D printed parts for tooling and fixtures, functional prototyping, and custom, end-use production applications. 

Simply import an STL file to start controlling the fiber configuration for carbon fiber, fiberglass, or KevlarŪ on individual layers of parts to provide additional strength or stiffness to match your requirements. In minutes, with no printer required, you can: 

  • Choose a fiber filament and configure the infill
  • Control how and where internal fiber-reinforcement is laid
  • Estimate part costs, part weight and print times

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