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Gartner: Seven Imperatives to Adopt a CARTA Strategic Approach

Published By: Tenable
Published:  Jan 25, 2019

This Gartner report charts your course to the future of information security with Gartner’s “continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment” (CARTA) as your guide.
This reports highlights a need for security and risk management leaders to embrace a strategic approach where security is adaptive, everywhere, all the time. Gartner calls this strategic approach "continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment," or CARTA.

By reading “Seven Imperatives to Adopt a CARTA Strategic Approach,” you will gain insight into CARTA and better understand the people, process and technical changes it calls for, including:
-Replacing one-time security gates with adaptive, context-aware security platforms.
-Continuously discovering, monitoring, assessing and prioritizing risk and trust — reactively and proactively.
-Performing risk and trust assessments early in digital business initiatives, including development.
-Instrumenting for comprehensive, full-stack visibility, including sensitive data handling by using analytics, AI, automation, and orchestration to detect faster and risk prioritize responses.