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Building and Managing Secure APIs

Published By: Google Apigee
Google Apigee
Published:  Mar 06, 2019
Length:  15 pages

Inside the API Product Mindset

APIs expose data or functionality for use by applications and developers, which means they allow access to a businessís valuable digital assetsóand thus to the heart of the business itself. Vulnerable APIs can expose a businessís core data and services to a variety of threats. Therefore, API security should be of paramount importance to any enterprise that exposes digital assets.

Google Cloudís new eBook, Building and Managing Secure APIs, takes a deeper look at the doís and doníts of enterprise API security.

Explore how to design secure, easy-to-use APIs with field-tested best practices, real-world use cases and a checklist to help your team get started.

What's Inside?

  • Field-tested best practices
  • Real-world use cases
  • API security checklist