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The Demise of the Appsec Dinosaur

Published By: CheckMarx
Published:  Apr 03, 2019
Length:  9 pages

Dinosaurs are super cool. Thatís an indisputable fact. There are some places though, where dinosaurs donít belong, and one of those is in your fast-paced DevOps environment. Early on, in the days before DevOps and Continuous Integration, one of the original players in the AppSec space produced an early SAST tool, offering a wide variety of supported languages, and they quickly built name recognition and a large install base of customers. Yet, 15 years and two acquisitions later, that company has become a software dinosaur Ė a mere relic Ė maintaining a product that is too big, too slow, and too clunky to deliver the innovation needed to protect its customers in the 21st century.