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HERE Navigation on Demand revitalize automotive navigation

Published By: Here Technologies
Here Technologies
Published:  May 14, 2019
Length:  5 pages

To provide drivers with navigation experiences that are always fresh, differentiated and that set an OEM’s brand apart on either embedded or mobile platforms, automakers need an unprecedented level of flexibility and control over data, software and the delivery process.

As a SaaS offering, HERE Navigation on Demand offers automakers a new way to solve their key challenges – such as static software, complex and costly solution development and the inability to update or upgrade the experience once vehicles are in the field.

Automakers need alternatives as they overhaul their navigation and connected service programs and bring change to their development, deployment, and monetization processes. This whitepaper outlines how HERE Technologies can support them to deliver compelling navigation and connected experiences, while keeping them in full control of their branding and revenue streams.

Find out how HERE Navigation on Demand leverages:

  • The HERE Open Location Platform to deliver always-fresh connected navigation functionality and location-based services and facilitate development of OEM proprietary services
  • The HERE Navigation on Demand Client Software to update and upgrade the experience on embedded or mobile platforms while ensuring offline availability
  • The OEM Configuration Portal to define differentiated experiences for trims or car models, provide visibility on their user acceptance, or extend their scope through a  B2B market place for functionality and services.

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