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Mythbusting the Cloud: In Cloud we (Should) Trust

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Published:  Sep 19, 2019
Length:  7 pages

In January 2016, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program released a draft of its high-impact baseline for moving federal data to the cloud. Not long after, Amazon Web Services (AWS) accepted an offer to pilot the new security threshold. AWS worked with FedRAMP to develop a set of standards under which highly sensitive government data could securely migrate into cloud environments. If ever you doubted that cloud computing was the new frontier for federal data and software management, look around. Over 2,300 government agencies worldwide have already migrated to the AWS Cloud. And in the U.S., this will only increase with the release of FedRAMPís high baseline standards. Previously, CSPs could only become certified at a low or moderate baseline under FedRAMP, meaning agencies had no security baseline from which to spring their sensitive data into the cloud. These new standards effectively represent the fall of the final formal barrier to federal cloud computing. Terabytes of government data will soon have a pathway to more efficient storage. But before embarking on that path, many government leaders seek answers to long held beliefs about cloud security that, in reality, may be myth.