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4 tips to commercialize your IP with ease

Published By: PatSnap
Published:  Sep 27, 2019
Length:  16 pages

Out-of-box tools that use AI, machine-learning, and real-time intelligence are driving the commercialization of IP today. However, IP professionals are faced with a dizzying array of offerings on the market. What features are must haves for IP teams in 2019? What processes will streamline the commercialization process?

This eBook works as a clear guide in identifying the tools IP teams need to commercialize with confidence, in 4 easy-to-action workflow tips: 

  1. Confirming patent novelty easily 
  2. Deciding on ideas that are worth pursuing 
  3. Collating key data via analysis and patent landscaping faster 
  4. Mitigating bottlenecks through interdepartmental collaboration

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