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How to Build Home Equity into your Marketing Mix

Published By: Blend
Published:  Oct 07, 2019
Length:  8 pages

Every lender, bank, and credit union has different product mixes and marketing priorities, but one thing they all share is the goal of winning, retaining, and growing our customer relationships. Typically, there are two ways to maximize customer engagement: seek margin with products like credit cards, or seek volume and deeper relationships with products like home equity.

This report analyzes both of these options through three key lenses: current market conditions, access to today’s high-quality borrowers, and the rich opportunity for integrated, targeted marketing. Our goal is to enable you to determine the best way to fine-tune your strategic customer engagement for 2019 by helping you:

  1. Review current market conditions.
  2. Connect with higher-quality borrowers.
  3. Develop a 360-degree, integrated marketing mix.