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Next-Generation ERP Key to Chemical Manufacturer Success

Published By: Sage
Published:  Oct 17, 2019
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The Chemicals Industry Needs Next-Generation ERP

The chemicals sector is changing corporate strategies. Revitalized ERP is key to translating those plans into practical effect.

Conventionally successful strategies such as proximity to feedstock, customers or intellectual property are challenged by
energy’s volatility and input commodity prices; mass customization from competitors, supply chain intricacies, geo-political flux
like China’s economic shifts and slumps from key buyers such as the auto sector.

Successful chemicals firms are: 

  • Finding profit through increased effeciencies. 
  • Seeking growth through acquisitions. 
  • Transforming from selling commodities to delivering customer-centric services and outcomes.

All of these C-level strategies require modern, integrated ERP solutions to succeed.